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The Meadows at Quail Creek

The Meadows at Quail Creek is a Suburban neighborhood in St. Louis, Missouri, that offers residents the chance for plenty of green space and peace from their busy city lives. This neighborhood has plenty going on, whether it’s shopping or dining with friends; there are always new things around each corner that will excite your senses.

The meadows at Quail Creek are a great place for those who want to live in the country yet still have access to urban amenities such as grocery stores and hospitals. This area has everything you need, including beautiful views and plenty of green space that is safe from traffic congestion since it’s surrounded by farmland instead. The community is a mixture of single-family homes and apartment complexes. Most residents own their property, but some renters live there too.

The Meadows at Quail Creek is a community with many options for residents. The older homes in the Meadows area were built between 1970 and 1999, while newer ones arrived on the scene starting in 2000 – there’s something to fit any lifestyle. It is not difficult to find a home in The Meadows at Quail Creek / Crystal Tree Corners. There is plenty for everyone, whether you’re looking for an established neighborhood with mature trees and quiet streets or something newer that still has the same feel as it did when first built because these homes were all built within 2000 years of one another.

The median real estate price in The Meadows at Quail Creek/ Crystal Tree Corners is $459,244, which makes it more expensive than 94.8% of neighborhoods across Missouri as well as 71% within the United States. The median rental price in The Meadows at Quail Creek / Crystal Tree Corners is currently $1,333.00, which makes it higher than 74% of all neighborhoods across Missouri.

The Meadows at Quail Creek is a great place to call home with low vacancy rates. The neighborhood has only seen 7.2% of its residents leave over the last few years, which makes it one-of-a-kind compared to other areas across America – especially considering how high this number can sometimes reach up into double-digit figures (55%).

The Meadows at Quail Creek is a peaceful and quiet retirement home. It has above average safety from crime compared to other neighborhoods in Missouri while also offering diverse housing options for all types of lifestyles, including single-family homes as well as multi-unit buildings such as shopping centers or hospitals which are perfect if you want the convenience without high rent prices found near major attractions.

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