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How Is Assisted Living Different From a Nursing Home?

When seeking senior care, many face the difficult decision between assisted living or nursing homes. Assisted living offers personal care in a home-like setting, while a nursing home provides medical care in a clinical setting. Keep reading for an overview of the differences between assisted living and nursing homes.

What Is Assisted Living?

Assisted living consists of small or large retirement communities with healthcare support. Residents receive basic assistance with day-to-day living and routine self-care. However, these facilities do not provide 24-hour advanced medical care.

Assisted living facilities include accommodation, housekeeping, and medication management. Residents living in assisted living usually have a private room or a shared apartment. Most facilities have a common area for socializing and dining.

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Assisted living has grown rapidly, with more than 30,000 communities in the United States. Even though all communities provide similar basic services, their amenities, recreational services, and levels of care may differ.

Independent assisted living works best for seniors who require minimal daily living assistance. Those who need more hands-on care or medical care should opt for assisted living communities. Many facilities have memory care units for those with Alzheimer’s or dementia.

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What Is a Nursing Home?

Nursing homes provide medical care for people with chronic illnesses or injuries, so the cost of living in a nursing home is higher than living in an assisted living facility. Medicare- and Medicaid-approved nursing homes must follow federal regulations and have a licensed nurse on site.

A nursing home will benefit seniors who have disabilities that affect their ability to perform activities of daily living. Older adults shift into nursing homes when they need consistent medical care that assisted living facilities don’t offer. Nursing homes include on-site health care, 24-hour medical care, and medication management.

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Hospital staff members can help you find a nursing home that will provide the type of care that’s right for you after a hospital stay. Alternatively, ask your doctor about nursing home living arrangements. Decide what’s most important to you, such as nursing care, hospice care, physical therapy, meals, religion, or dementia care units.

How Is Assisted Living Different From a Nursing Home?

Residents in assisted living facilities live in an apartment or suite with a bath and kitchenette. In comparison, nursing home residents stay in private or semi-private rooms without living rooms or kitchens.

Basic Care

Assisted living residents receive assistance with daily activities, such as dressing and personal care. Services include transportation, laundry, outings, and other recreational activities.

Nursing homes provide ongoing and long-term care with medication administration. Medical care includes rehabilitative services with skilled nurses and physical or speech therapists.

Meals and Activities

Assisted living offers three nutritious meals daily with restaurant-style dining. Residents have opportunities to participate in activities based on their interests, such as painting or gardening.

Aside from meals, laundry, and housekeeping, residents in nursing homes receive limited recreational activities. The meal options provided meet dietary requirements for each patient, including pureed and liquid diets.

Monthly Cost

In 2021, Genworth’s Survey reported that the cost of assisted living averages $4,300 per month. Usually, Medicare and Medicaid do not provide coverage for assisted living.

A semi-private room in a nursing home costs $7,908 per month, while a private room costs $9,034. Most Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans cover skilled nursing care for up to 100 days.

Will My Loved One Benefit from Assisted Living or a Nursing Home?

Assisted living is a better option if you or a family member does not require full-time medical care or supervision but cannot live at home alone. Assisted living facilities offer personalized care, companionship, and activities in a comfortable setting. Residents can maintain their quality of life and independence while receiving assistance as needed.

Find the Right Assisted Living Community for Your Loved One

Nowadays, senior living options have expanded from the changes in the needs and expectations of older adults. At NestBeyond, we can find the right senior living community to keep your loved one healthy, active, and safe. We provide concierge services to match seniors to assisted living facilities.

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