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Wydown Skinker

Wydown Skinker is a historic neighborhood in St. Louis, Missouri, that has seen a steadily growing population over the years thanks to its, which makes this area prime real estate for those who want accessible housing with plenty going on around them.

The Wydown Skinker historic residential neighborhood is one of the most original and iconic neighborhoods in all of America. With 63% of homes being established before 1939, this area has a much higher concentration than 97% of the neighborhoods across the country. It’s no surprise then that these properties have such charm and individuality to them.

Wydown Skinker is a neighborhood in St. Louis that consists mainly of apartment complexes and single-family homes with small to medium-sized units, mostly occupied by owners or renters who want an easy-going life close enough for work but not too far from downtown amenities like shopping centers and restaurants either. Wydown Skinker is a great place to live if you’re looking for something between the hustle and bustles of city life, but without quite so much walking. It’s got everything that one needs – including plenty high rise apartments or single-family homes. The people here really enjoy their time spent in this area because there are so many things available within driving distance from each location.

Wydown Skinker, located in the middle of downtown St. Louis and is a great place to call home, with its median real estate price being $457 851, which is 90.2% more expensive than all the Missouri neighborhoods and 69 1% more expensive than all neighborhoods in the US. Wydown Skinker’s median real estate price is certainly more expensive than the typical neighborhood in Missouri.

The rent in this area can be costly, but residents have plenty to offer. The average rental price is $1,648, and it exceeds the typical rates for other Missouri neighborhoods by 90%. There are a lot of apartments in this area, so it’s not hard to find one when you want. The average vacancy rate for homes and condos alike is 9%, which means there might be an open spot right where your feet should go.

The people in this area are mostly executives, managers, and professionals, with 79.9% making up the workforce which makes it higher than most neighborhoods across America. The people in the Wydown Skinker neighborhood are some of the highest earners around. They make more money than 67% percent of other St Louis communities. This neighborhood is definitely a good place to live.

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