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Larimer Square

Imagine the most picturesque street in any city: wide sidewalks, red brick buildings and restaurant patios full of well-dressed 30 somethings sipping wine. Boutique storefronts threaten your pocketbook but twinkle lights sparkle at night while a pie shop hides a Prohibition-era speakeasy called “The Larimer Lounge” that is named for Colorado’s first gold miner. This historic district may be just what you’re looking for. Imagine yourself walking the streets of any city. You are dressed in your finest clothes, well-fitted and pressed to perfection by someone who cares about how you look; there’s no better feeling than having those ducks lined up just right. The sun shines down on this beautiful moment as you glide through Larimer Square.

When shoppers want to shop for high-end home goods or treat themselves to a new party dress, they head over to the Element. At night though, there’s always something exciting going down at Comedy Works as people come here after dinner and see stand up performances by some of Denver’s best comedians.

Larimer Square is an authentic, see-and be seen kind of spot. Some locals sport fancy suits and dresses while others remain committed to the standard Denver uniform – T-shirts or jeans. And even though you haven’t really been in this area unless your Instagrammed its signature twinkling lights–pro tip: they look especially amazing around Christmas time. Larimer Square manages still holds true as being a non-touristy destination where one can enjoy shopping for gifts without having their purchase taken away by soulless corporations.

Larimer Square is an authentic, non-touristy spot in the heart of Denver. Some locals sport fancy suits and dresses while others prefer to keep it casual with jeans for all sorts of occasions – but no matter what you wear here, there will be something fitting your style. Not only does this neighborhood have some great places that offer delicious food from unique restaurants such as The Slice Pizza House and Pizzeria or upscale bakeries.

Larimer Square is a mecca for history buffs and visitors to the city. The street served as Denver’s founding father, being home to not only major buildings but also many businesses that continue on today, such as an old book store or post office.

The iconic Larimer Square is a great place to visit if you are looking for some history and grit. It survived the boom-and- Bust cycles familiar in Denver, as well as being saved by preservationists during this time period when other blocks downtown were demolished. The square has more than just looks – it also provides an interesting perspective on how people lived back then through its architecture.

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