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The Beer Spa

There is a new spa in Colorado that offers beer baths. This unique concept was inspired by travel through Eastern Europe, where many spots offer hot tubs filled with cold brews and streams of foamers coming out at you. In the current state where everyone seems to be dehydrated, there is finally an answer. The Beer Spa opened this year in the River North Art District and will offer patrons the chance to bathe with hot suds from their favorite local brews.

A new era has arrived for those who love enjoying some delicious beverage time outdoors- and we’re not talking about summertime pool parties either; rather, these soirees take place all year long at various locations across Denver, including one very interesting location near RINO (River North). Founded by Damien Zouaoui and Jessica French, the concept behind a beer spa was developed after traveling through Eastern Europe, where many spots allow visitors to soak in a tab full of beer.

Taking into account that the idea for an American audience is different from European ones, the owners stripped out all of Mitteleuropa kitsch and modernized it. The result? You can enjoy a private therapy session without having any previous knowledge about what’s available at this spa since there are no traditional treatments offered anymore; instead, people are left on their own devices in peaceful yet comfortable rooms where they’ll be able to reflect without outside distractions.

Instead of a traditional sauna, try an infrared one that can reach up to 170-degree Fahrenheit. Soaking in the Sauna will not only help you relax but also relieve any muscle tension in your body. For something different from the norm, go ahead and enjoy some time relaxing on our zero gravity massage chair, which scans away all worries as it tilts back and then comes at you like some kind of super cozy robotic carwash.

The best Denver spa is now better with a craft beer in hand. The Beer Spa offers unique experiences like the ability to enjoy some delicious local cuisine while getting pampered for your senses’ sake. They even have an on-site taproom that serves up wines, ciders and non-alcoholic drinks so you can stay refreshed without becoming tipsy before enjoying their incredible services at this top-notch establishment.

The Beer Spa is the newest, greatest spa in town. It offers everything you would want from an ordinary day at home or work – except without any of those pesky side effects. Enjoy luxury amenities such as frosty pints of craft beer while getting your nails done and learn about new ways to rejuvenate yourself using our expert knowledge on health and wellness through conversations with specially trained therapists who are just waiting for you.

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