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Lake St. Louis, St. Louis, Missouri

About 37 miles to the west of St. Louis area is where you’ll find Lake St. Louis, which comprises two lakes and is located between Interstate 70 and Interstate 64. The developers of the city made the decision in 1966 to construct a new town rather than continue with the original plan for the city, which was for it to be a private weekend recreational lake village. The construction of a dam in 1968 led to the formation of a lake that was 600 acres in size and was located next to the town. During the subsequent five years, the population increased. A swimming pool, a golf course, tennis courts, and a clubhouse were all included in the expansion. Harbor Town is the designation given to Lake St. Louis when it was incorporated in 1975

In 1977, the name was officially changed to Lake St. Louis. Today, the city is well-known for its various public and private recreational amenities, as well as its three public parks, high-quality and diverse housing, well-planned residential and commercial zones, and three public parks. Don Caryell, head coach of the National Football League, and Nelly, winner of several Grammy Awards, both hail from Lake St. Louis.

St. Louis isn’t exactly where one’s mind goes when one imagines a lakeside lifestyle. Still, a little slice of paradise can be found by those who know where to search. There aren’t many better options than Lake Saint Louis, with its two public lakes serving as the neighborhood’s focal point and offering water sports as well as hosting events like the Lake Saint Louis Sailing Club’s annual Pirate Party. Creve Coeur Lakehouse is St. Louis County’s equivalent of Forest Park’s Boathouse for individuals who can’t afford the city’s median property price of $200,000.

The Maryland Heights venue is known for its low prices and live performances by local artists. Sailing enthusiasts will enjoy its 320-acre namesake, which features a cove and beach on the lake’s northeast bank. However, powerboats and swimming are prohibited on the lake, which is the largest natural lake in the state. Collinsville, Illinois is home to the world’s largest ketchup bottle and the Cahokia Mounds, and it’s also only five miles from the fishing and birdwatching haven that is Horseshoe Lake, and about an hour’s drive west of Carlyle Lake, the state’s largest man-made pond. Sailing in Carlyle is among the finest east of Lake Michigan.

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