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Kirkwood, St. Louis, Missouri

The city of Kirkwood, Missouri may be found in Missouri about 10 miles to the west of St. Louis, MO area, next to the mighty and unrivaled waters of the Mississippi River. Kirkwood, which is located within St. Louis County and is considered a suburb of St. Louis, was founded in 1852 as a response to the devastating pandemic and devastating fire that ravaged the area at the same time. Land was being purchased all throughout the region approximately 14 miles outside of St. Louis, which is the location of present-day Kirkwood, around the same time that chief engineer James P. Kirkwood was hard at work constructing the Pacific Railroad. Kirkwood was one of the earliest suburban municipalities to be constructed outside of the confines of St. Louis, and it was named after the builder who gave it its namesake name. It is well known because the headquarters of Panera Bread are located in Kirkwood, as well as the fact that it is the hometown of many noteworthy figures, such as the renowned poet Marianna Moore and the running back for the American football team Kyren Williams. Despite this, the medium-sized and historically significant town of Kirkwood offers residents a safe and densely suburban atmosphere, in addition to a handy position that is close to an abundance of amenities.

Costs in Kirkwood are expensive, but they are appropriate given the community’s location in relation to the rest of the state as well as its high ranking in terms of livability. The cost of living in Kirkwood is 18% more than the cost of living in the state as a whole.

It is well known that the sycamore and oak-bound streets of Kirkwood are filled with family-friendly communities that have historical homes and inhabitants who have received college educations. Woodhine Heights, Windsor Springs, and Upper Woodlawn are the three most prominent neighborhoods that make up Kirkwood as a whole. Residents of Woodhine Heights have access to opulent golf at the Greenbriar Hills Country Club in addition to the community’s provision of two family parks inside its limits. You will find yourself in Kirkwood’s Windsor Springs and only a few steps away from the St. Louis Community College if you travel two miles east from this location. Upper Woodlawn is the closest neighborhood to downtown Kirkwood. It is located two miles to the north of Windsor and is home to a number of one-of-a-kind stores, restaurants, and attractions such as the historically significant and enigmatic Kirkwood Train Station.

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