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Juan Tabo Hills

Juan Tabo Hills’ median price of $400,545 is more expensive than 87.2% percent of the neighborhoods in New Mexico and 65.8 % across all U.S cities. The average rental price here costs $1,457, making it 68.4% more expensive than the national.

Juan Tabo Hills, located in Albuquerque, NM, is the perfect place to call home if you’re looking for a medium-sized or large family. With three and four-bedroom options available, homeowners can find their dream house that suits all needs.

The Juan Tabo Hills neighborhood is an excellent place for those who want newer homes. Many of the residences here were built between 1970 and 1999, with some as recent as 2000 or more.

The Juan Tabo Hills area has a low rate of vacancies. This means that there is not enough available housing for people who want it, which makes prices high due to a lack of sufficient supply in this region compared with demand. In simple words: The current state at “Juan Talbo” requires more buildings or homes than what’s already present – meaning those who can afford these costs will be able to get their hands on some property, whereas others may have trouble even finding an apartment where they live comfortably rent-free.

Juan Tabo Hills is a residential neighborhood that has an average percentage of owner-occupied real estate that stands higher than 98% for other neighborhoods found throughout America.

The Juan Tabo Hills neighborhood is one of the most desirable areas because it has such low vacancies. With only 0% vacancy, this area offers an opportunity for those looking to invest or purchase their own property with ease; however, there could be some obstacles like zoning laws preventing additional buildings from coming up near where you live- which makes sense since nobody wants more density.

The homes in this neighborhood are some of the newest on record, with many built after 2000. You can tell by how fresh they smell and look compared to other areas around here. Residential real estate in this city is predominantly newer, with an almost exclusively 2000-today construction majority. There are some neighborhoods that mix ages of homes, but they’re far from ordinary – 96% here has a primarily residential landscape made up solely by these recent builds.

People of the Juan Tabo Hills neighborhood live in stately homes with high real estate appreciation rates. They’re usually wealthy and educated executives who maintain busy lives but still enjoy comfortable conditions for themselves at home.

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