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Sandia Heights

The home price in Sandia Heights is $690,615, which makes it more expensive than 97.3% of neighborhoods across New Mexico and 86% of U.S neighborhoods. The median home price in this neighborhood is $2,375. This makes it higher than 97% of neighborhoods across New Mexico.

The most popular real estate in Sandia Heights is a single-family home. It is located in Albuquerque, New Mexico. These homes are typically medium to large size, with three or four bedrooms and plenty of space for your loved ones. Most residents own their properties which means they’re not renters like you might find.

The Sandia Heights neighborhood is a sought-after place to live because many of the homes here were built between 1970 and 1999 when it wasn’t yet old enough for many people who had moved out onto new construction sites. However, there are still some treasures in this area with houses that were constructed more recently than 2000 – the present day.

In a country where one out of every four children lives in poverty, the Sandia Heights neighborhood stands as being ranked among the lowest 0.0 % affected by this global issue.

Whether you’re looking for a quiet neighborhood with great schools or one that feels like home straight out of an episode of Leave It To Beaver – Sandia Heights has it all. With low crime rates and family-friendly features such as top public institutions (schools), this area is better than 98% of other places in New Mexico at enticing families to settle down.

The Sandia Heights neighborhood is home to many families who live an easygoing lifestyle. In addition, the high number of college-educated parents influences their children’s academic success in local schools, which provides all that you need for your family to thrive here.

The Sandia Heights neighborhood is a great place for families with school-aged children, highly educated executives, and urban sophisticates. The population of this community consists largely of people with school-age children and active retirees. In addition to being an excellent choice for families looking in that direction, this community is good for family development.

It seems that the residents of Sandia Heights have mastered marriage. Every day, we see couples who’ve been married for decades and still love each other like new spouses. It’s because they live in an area with such high rates! The neighborhood has 69% dual-family homeowners, which is much higher than average across America.

The Sandia Heights neighborhood is home to many adults who have earned an advanced degree, such as a Masters or law degree. For example, 38% of the people living in this area have attained at least one doctorate level educational attainment.

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