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The Fairmount neighborhood is a great place to call home. It’s located near Sugar Creek, Missouri and has all the amenities you need, with plenty of space for kids or pets as well. Fairmount is an excellent place to live. It’s close enough that you can escape into nature on your own time but still have easy access for errands or fun with friends. And when all else fails- there are plenty of parks within walking distance from home, too, so even though life may be busy at times, it won’t feel like work because this city has everything under control.

The community of Fairmount is a great place to live if you’re looking for small, cozy homes with plenty going on in the area. As there are usually no high rise buildings or hotels that cover more than one building lot, this makes it easy for pedestrians who want some peace and quiet but not too much isolation from others around them while still being able to enjoy all sorts of things close by such as coffee shops and restaurants.

The Fairmount neighborhood is a great place to live if you want history. Many of the houses here were built before 1939, some even as early as the 1930s. And there’s no shortage either; it seems like every street has its own unique style that hasn’t changed much over time- which makes this area really stand out from other neighborhoods where everything looks pretty similar because they’re all essentially decades behind schedule without any individuality whatsoever.

The historical architecture in this Fairmount neighborhood is something that will make you fall head over heels for its charm. With s61% of the residential real estate here built before 1939, there are plenty of homes with older styles to enjoy.

This neighborhood is an amazing place to live. The median real estate price of $77,800 makes it cheaper than 93% of all neighborhoods in Missouri and 95% cheaper than other neighborhoods around the country. The average rental price in this area is $1,305.00. Moreover, the average rental price in this neighborhood is higher than 72% of the neighborhoods across Missouri. This means that, for many people who want to live on manageable budgets but still have access to some semblance of civilization outside their homes, it’s necessary to find themselves living somewhere else – perhaps closer to downtown without being too far away from all those great amenities. Fairmount has one of the highest vacancy rates in all USA. The 16% vacancy is much higher than 78% of the rest of the country, which means there isn’t enough demand for homes here.

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