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Faireway Hills

Faireway Hills is a beautiful, peaceful neighborhood just 6 miles from Sugar Creek. It’s estimated that this area has around 2302 people living in it. Faireway Hills is a great place to call home with its picturesque views, easy access, and close proximity to amenities such as groceries stores or hospitals.

Faireway Hills is a great place to live. It’s ranked 3rd in Kansas City and 6th out of all cities within Missouri. In fact, this neighborhood beats 96% or more area neighborhoods on livability rankings alone, so you know it has something special going for itself when compared with other places. Focusing on quality over price point? Check. Proximity within walking distance or a quick ride away from your doorstep (especially if you live close by)? Check. This neighborhood has plenty more reasons why these homes make perfect sense as places where people want to spend time – weekends included.

In Faireway Hills, you’ll find that the cost of living is 3% higher than average for Kansas City and 8% lower when compared to all other areas across America. Whether you’re looking for a home or apartment, Faireway Hills offers great real estate prices and an amazing quality of life. The cost of living here is 1% higher than average, while housing is 20% higher than in the rest of the nation. Whether you want to buy your next house in the burbs or have been priced out from accessing common areas like parks close by, if affordability is important, then look no further because Faireway Hills has it all.

Faireway Hills is a beautiful community with an amazing real estate market. The people who live there are sure to find their perfect home. The median home price in Faireway Hills is 17% lower than the Kansas City average, but rental prices here are 41% higher than the Kansas City average.

The average cost of living in Faireway Hills is an excellent value. The area’s 3% higher than average salary can be attributed to the vibrant community and amazing amenities. It doesn’t get better than this when compared to other cities across America where you might need two jobs just simply to make ends meet due to how expensive everything else here actually gets. However, the cost of living is 8% lower than the national average.

Faireway Hills is a quiet residential neighborhood with low crime rates. There’s no need to worry about your personal safety when you live here. Faireway Hills has a lower crime rate than the national average, with 43% fewer violent crimes. Faireway Hills has a crime rate that is much lower than the average for cities in Missouri. With only 1 out 76 chances of becoming victims, you’re sure to feel safe here.

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