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Blue Summit

The Blue Summit neighborhood is located near Sugar Creek, Missouri, and is considered a suburban area. Blue Summit is a great place to call home if you’re looking for something between bustling city life and peaceful country views.

The Blue Summit area is a great place to live if you’re looking for single-family homes with private backyard space. Most of these properties are occupied by owners, but there are also plenty that goes rental, including apartments or high-rise condos. The beautiful and serene landscapes of Blue Summit are perfect for those who want to live in close proximity to nature. There’s plenty here that will satisfy any need, from single-family homes all the way up through 5 bedroom high-rise apartments.

The Blue Summit neighborhood has a lot to offer when you’re looking for the perfect place to live. The homes here date back as early as 1939, with some being even more historic than others. There’s also plenty within walking distance from this area that hasn’t changed much over time–including schools and stores where residents can buy what they need without taking their car or public transportation everywhere and multiple dining options that serve up delicious food.

One of the most historical neighborhoods near Sugar Creek is Blue Summit, where many homes are dated back to before World War II, and some even date from the 1930s. This area also has a lot more charm than you would expect for such an old community – there’re plenty of trees around, too, so it feels like your typical American town center rather than just another downtown street with commercial buildings lining either side. A quick look at this map will show that while much development took place after 1970. In addition, some houses were built between 1970 and 1999.

The median price of homes in Blue Summit is $75,115, which makes it cheaper than 93.8% of neighborhoods within Missouri and 96% less expensive than most neighborhoods in the country. This small town also offers an affordable living experience with prices very similar to other areas across America. The cost of renting a home in Blue Summit is lower than 73% percent of neighborhoods across Missouri. Rents here ($967) are cheaper when compared to the average rental prices found locally and nationwide.

The Blue Summit neighborhood has a 14.0% vacancy rate, which is higher than average for U.S neighborhoods (higher than 73%. American). Most of the homes in the Blue Summit area are empty year-round due to nobody living there or owning them themselves.

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