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If you are new to Sugar Creek area and you’re looking for a quiet and serene neighborhood to call home, look no further than Maywood. This neighborhood is perfect because it’s not too big or small and yet still offers all of the amenities that make life easy.

Maywood is a small town with an interesting history. The majority of homes in May wood are occupied by both owners and renters, but there’s plenty that sets it apart from other towns on the east side. The neighborhoods in Maywood are home to a number of historic homes, with some dating back as early as the 1930s. A lot were built between 1970 and 1999 too. And since many people here have been able craftsman style architecture too, there’s no shortage of creativity or charm when browsing around these streets.

The real estate in Maywood is spread out, with most homes being small to medium-sized. There are also some apartment complexes/high-rise apartments available for those who want more space but don’t want the hassle of managing their own building maintenance.

Maywood median real estate prices are really good for a Missouri neighborhood, and the city itself has an amazing feel. The people are friendly too. Maywood is a great place to live. The median price of homes there is $63K?, which is less than 95%  cheaper than the Missouri average and 96% less than the rest of the country. Plus, it is ranked as one of the most affordable cities in America.

The price of renting a home in Maywood is lower than 45.9% of neighborhoods across Missouri. The average rental fee here comes out at $1,151. This information can help someone looking into moving near or far, so they know what kind of commute will be required before deciding whether living somewhere suits them financially. The results show that this area has lower-priced homes than 45% of all other Missouri neighborhoods.

Residents of Maywood have a lot to be desired when it comes time for them to look at apartments. The average real estate vacancy rate here is 25%. This makes the city more packed with unsold homes than most other neighborhoods in America. Not only does this mean that there will never be any new construction on offer, but it also leads many people who would like living space to look elsewhere.

As you can see, this Maywood neighborhood is a real gem. More people live here today than did five years ago, and the homeowners have lived in their homes for quite some time too. This place really feels like home – I’m sure that’s why 97% of US neighborhoods are made up mostly of long-time residents who know each other well enough not to move often or ever leave behind friends.

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