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Marjorie Park

Marjorie Park is not just an ordinary outdoor museum. It houses over 40 pieces from MOA’s (Museum of Outdoor Arts) permanent collection, with self-guided and guided tours available for those individuals who want more information on each artwork, as well as arts education programs that help kids learn how to create their own art. There are also temporary installations throughout the year, which change depending upon what artists want to be laid into place at any given time; these provide opportunities you won’t find anywhere else in town.

Marjorie Park, located in Greenwood Village, Colorado, is a beautiful outdoor venue that can be rented for your next special event. The space also provides an entrance to Fiddler’s Green Amphitheatre, where you’ll find concerts almost every night of the week. The space is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts as it offers activities such as hiking plus access points that allow visitors into other aspects like concerts at Fiddler’s Green Amphitheatre.

Members of the community are now able to enjoy Marjorie Park, a newly re-opened park that was made possible by a partnership between MOA and Club Greenwood. The new facility offers high-quality fitness experiences in a unique setting for both members as well guests who may visit during open hours or on programming days when they participate at no cost through their club portal registration process, which requires signing up with a liability waiver before participating.

Marjorie Park, owned and run by the Museum of Outdoor Arts, is an outdoor event space that can be used for any type of occasion. All events require membership or admission with this nonprofit organization, so please contact them before your next meeting. The beautiful Marjorie Park space can be rented by the nonprofit museum which owns it; however, membership or admission will be required to use this area as well.

Marjorie Park features an outdoor concert venue, fenced off for dogs to play with their friends, and multiple free public parking around the area. There are also tons of ways you can get here if your car isn’t enough – including accessible options through Arapahoe Light Rail station or just walking from nearby neighborhood streets where permit holder disability placards may be used as well (you’ll need one, though).

Marjorie Park is a spectacular location for outdoor activities. Free public parking around the Fiddler’s Green Circle and at the Box Office lot east of here offers easy access to this beautiful spot, which you can also reach via light rail from Arapahoe Street station. Bike racks are available so that bikers too enjoy their time spent in nature’s embrace.

Parks’ Address: 6331 S Fiddlers Green Cir, Greenwood Village, CO 80111.

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