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Hallmark Visitors Center

The Hallmark Visitors Center is an amazing place to learn more about the history of this industry and how it all started with one woman’s passion. Located in the Crown Center complex, you’ll find plenty here that will make your heart happy as well.

The Hallmark Visitors Center is an interactive, hands-on experience for visitors of all ages. The center features a display that explores the company’s history and includes stations with activities like making personalized cards or designing custom jewelry pieces to give as gifts. There are also fun, creative workshops led by professionals from Hallmark’s own creative staff, which means you can enjoy 50 minutes without any cost whatsoever.

Go visit our gorgeous Visitors Center on Tuesday, June 7th. They’re reopening with limited seating and a reservation policy. You must make your plans now to come before we fill up-there’s only one day left for this beautiful building to open for visitors from near or far away who want something special than what they see every day at home.

Hallmark Cards has become an iconic company in Kansas City, MO area, founded by a teenager who tucked two shoeboxes full of postcards under his arms and set out on this journey. More than 100 years later, this billion-dollar brand contains far-reaching businesses that connect people through creativity while also fostering emotional connection across all boundaries, including culture—tradition vs. modernity; technology—old school meets new tech.

The Hallmark Visitors Center is also a must-see for any visitor to the town. The interactive displays and fascinating exhibits give you insight into how this small city has grown over time while also giving visitors something new every step of their journey through its doors. If that’s not enough, then stop by one more thing—they have an incredible film theater where they can watch films dating back decades, 100+ years.

For years, Hallmark employees have been creating giant Christmas cards as holiday gifts for founder J.C. Hall, but it wasn’t until 1966 that the tradition evolved into decorating a life-sized tree. Today, you can see these beautiful trees in their office during the last few days of work before winter break.

The Hallmark Visitors Center is home to an interactive bow machine that will make your day with its star-shaped souvenir.

Together, Hallmark and Crayola have been stirring imaginations for over 30 years. They’ve helped to bring out the magic in young people everywhere by daring them to dream bigger than they ever thought possible with their products that are both creative and innovative.

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