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Edgewood is a quiet neighborhood with pleasant residents, stores, and entertainment. Edgewood is a tiny town with nothing to offer in terms of entertainment. Only a tiny commercial center and a few fast food restaurants are available. It’s pretty quiet here, and most people stay to themselves.

Edgewood is a small community in Santa Fe County, New Mexico. Edgewood was established by a consortium of landowners and citizens from southern Santa Fe County. Large swaths of land were annexed once the municipality was incorporated in 1999. A chessboard pattern of incorporated and unincorporated properties developed from the town government’s efforts to prevent annexing properties whose owners did not want to be brought inside the town borders, one of the concerns to be handled in the town’s Comprehensive Plan. One contentious annexation significantly expanded the municipal borders and sparked heated discussion. The annexation was upheld despite two appeals and one lawsuit. A Tractor Supply Co., an O’Reilly Auto Parts, a Denny’s, and a Comfort Inn & Suites, the town’s first hotel, have all recently opened as part of recent building initiatives.

Beautiful location, yet conservative ideologically and lacking in variety. Hiking routes abound for individuals who enjoy the outdoors. It is the ideal getaway for individuals who wish to get away from their mundane job lives and appreciate the beauty of nature. Residents of Albuquerque refer to Edgewood as “the country” or “the other side of the mountain.” It’s a little town with a modest population. There were almost 4000 people living there in 2016. Almost rare will you see all of these folks at the same time. They want to keep to themselves. There are two supermarkets and a few restaurants in the area. I believe that is sufficient to get by. Living in Edgewood has two distinct advantages. The first is the natural splendor that surrounds you. There are some trees, gorgeous mountains, and breathtaking sunsets to be seen here. The second reason is because it is close to Albuquerque, NM area. You may live in a tiny village and go to a large metropolis in half an hour. People may whine about the commute, but there isn’t much traffic. When compared to living on Albuquerque’s west side and commuting into the city, the journey from Edgewood is a breeze.

It’s a little town with welcoming residents, excellent schools, and breathtaking scenery. For our animal-loving community, there are several medical care alternatives accessible, including regional medical facilities, dentists, physical therapy, chiropractic, alternative health, and veterinarians. The hotel is very new. Trails for hiking and horseback riding have been built. Year-round sports are held on the soccer field, as well as Celtic Fest, art festivals, and music/car events. A wildlife nature park, a residential fly-in/out airpark, and excellent shooting sports facilities contribute to the enjoyment of life.

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