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Big Surf Waterpark

Big Surf Waterpark is home to the oldest wave pool in America. It has at least 11 attractions catering to every visitor, from babies and toddlers up to adults.

Big Surf Waterpark is a must-see for any family with children. The wave pool, which opened in 1969 and has been recognized as the oldest such facility of its kind on this continent, not only has at least 11 attractions catering to visitors of every age; there are also plenty more things here than just playing waves.

In addition, you can enjoy activities like scuba diving (if your height permits). Whether they want an outdoor staycation surrounded by nature while exploring our world’s oceans via snorkeling tours,

Big Surf Waterpark is the perfect summertime destination for all of your traveling buddies. The thrill rides are guaranteed to keep you on edge and guessing what will happen next, while also giving off an amazing vibe that everyone in their group can enjoy.

Big Surf Waterpark has something for everyone. From the Waikiki Beach Wave Pool with its famous waves to thrilling tube slides like the White Serpentine Slide that’ll make your heart race, there are so many attractions at this one-stop park. 

The Big Surf Waterpark offers a variety of attractions for all ages. Captain Cook’s Landing is made for kids. It has fun things for them to do while they wait for their turn or while they take a break from sunbathing on the beach.

The Big Surf Waterpark has everything you need to beat this summer heat. Choose from one of its many great attractions, like the wave pool or ocean swim. They even have a toddlers’ lagoon, so little ones will be entertained while adults enjoy some time off too in this relaxed environment with plenty of interaction available for all ages-something that not every theme park provides as they tend to focus on thrill-seekers rather than relaxation aficionados (our opinion). 

Situated at 1500 N. McClintock Dr., Tempe, AZ 85281, Big Surf Waterpark has everything you need for an enjoyable day in the sun. Enjoy activities like swimming in its wave pool, going down slides of varying heights and lengths (including one that takes your breath away), signing up to take surfing lessons, or boogie boarding certification classes. The staff are friendly; they have special offers every month, so it’s easy on the wallet too-what more could anyone ask?

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