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Antelope Run

The median price for homes in Antelope Run is $656,680, which makes it more expensive than 96.7% of neighborhoods nationwide and 84% of U.S neighborhoods. The average rental price in Antelope Run is currently $1,926. This means that this neighborhood has a higher cost of living than 90% of other neighborhoods across New Mexico.

Antelope Run, located in the Albuquerque area, is a community of single-family homes and apartments. Most residents own their property, with the majority being medium-sized three or four-bedroom houses that fit into this category’s need for space to accommodate family members.

The neighborhood of Antelope Run is a well-established community. The homesteads in this community were constructed between 1970 and 1999, with many also being newer construction done since 2000-today.

The real estate market in Antelope Run is relatively stable with a low rate of vacancies. This fact supports the idea that demand for this area’s homes may be on the rise, meaning prices could increase, or new construction projects become more active soon enough.

The Antelope Run neighborhood is a haven for the wealthy and educated. Its residents own stately homes with high appreciation rates, thanks in part to their executive careers that keep them busy but allow these top-level professionals enough free time so they can live comfortably. The people living here have successful jobs where success means maintaining an impressive level of comfort while still working hard at what matters most – making money or achieving goals outside one’s control, such as getting into graduate school.

The Antelope Run neighborhood has a lot of educated people.34% have earned at least one master’s degree, medical or law degree.

Highly educated people living in this neighborhood of Antelope Run tend to be very rich. They also have a higher rate of graduate degrees than 95% percent of U.S neighborhoods, whereas the average American city has 12%. If you’re highly Educated and think that may apply, then there might be something worth looking at here for your next home purchase or rental.

The Antelope Run neighborhood is a place where people come to work. The majority of residents are executives or other professionals, meaning they have more opportunities for advancement in their field than most other neighborhoods across America. With such high concentrations, it’s easy to see why this area has its own distinct character and what defines the nature here – being professional always matters most when living among others who share your values.

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