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Woodshire is a quiet yet busy neighborhood in Phoenix. It has many trees that offer plenty of shade for residents while they enjoy their outdoor spaces with friends or family members by exploring what else this great city offers. Woodshire is a large neighborhood in the southern part of Phoenix, Arizona. This area has been known as both Woodshore or just simply ‘the country.’

The median real estate price here for homes on one-acre lots is currently at $2 million dollars – which means that it wouldn’t be uncommon if you had an opportunity to purchase your own piece of land. The median real estate price in Woodshire is $2,444,684, which makes it more expensive than 99.8% of neighborhoods across Arizona and nearly all other areas nationwide.

The Woodshire neighborhood is a familiar and comfortable place to live. It’s not uncommon for residents here, who are mostly owner-occupied homeowners like you might be too. The homes in this area range from large (four bedroom) single-family houses to downright small – if there was anything less than three bedrooms available on your dream lot at the time of purchase, then chances are good that someone else will have already taken advantage before waiting their turn or giving up hope entirely. Finding something affordable enough within reach has become increasingly difficult over recent years due to largely economic constraints coupled together with skyrocketing housing prices throughout the greater Arizona area.

The beautiful Woodshire neighborhood is a major hub for apartment life. Vacancies are common here, as the recent real estate statistics show that 26% of homes currently lack someone to call their own; this rate is higher than 92% of the rest of the nation when considering only vacant apartments or condos instead. It seems like new construction doesn’t always have enough people moving in just yet- many times, these areas will be dominated by buildings without any residents inside them.

The Woodshire neighborhood is an exceptional place to live. This area has a higher rate of owner-occupied housing than 99% of the other US neighborhoods. If you’re looking for rent, you may not have many options, but this could be because high rates of ownership often indicate stability within communities.

Phoenix’s Woodshire neighborhood is among the 15% highest income areas in America. The exclusive analysis by NeighborhoodScout reveals that this particular area has an average per capita personal revenue that exceeds  99% of the rest of America. The Woodshire neighborhood is home to many people who work in high-paying jobs. In fact, 70% of the employed residents here earn an executive or professional position with their livelihoods. This rich mix defines what makes up this particular area and sets it apart from other neighborhoods across America.

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