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Woodneath Farms

Woodneath Farms is a picturesque suburban neighborhood in Kansas City, MO. The area has an establishment feel with its wide streets and mature trees that provide shade from the hot summer sun.

The Woodneath Farms neighborhood is more expensive than 97.3% of the neighborhoods in Missouri and 80 percent of all U.S. residential real estate marketplaces. The median price for homes here sits at $573K, which exceeds by far any other location I’ve seen around town – not even close.

The Woodneath Farms neighborhood is not only home to some really great real estate but also has an average rental price that’s higher than 97.6% of the other areas in Missouri. The average rental price in this Kansas City neighborhood is $2,038. This number representationally represents a great deal for those who are looking to live on the outskirts of Missouri with plenty going around them besides just themselves.

People who live in the Woodneath Farms neighborhood are able to enjoy a safe and peaceful living environment. The area has large homes with plenty of space for families, yet it also includes low-rise apartment buildings that offer more modest accommodations if you’re looking into less lavish surroundings but still want your own personal valuables, such as an open layout plan or balcony view from every room.

The Woodneath Farms neighborhood is an excellent example of how newer housing can be compatible with established neighborhoods. Many homes in this area were built between 2000 and recently, making them among some of the most up-to-date properties on either side.

In addition, because so many residents own their property instead of renting it out from someone else who may take care of maintenance responsibilities when they aren’t present – there’s no worry about having trouble getting repairs made if something goes wrong at your house.

Woodneath Farms is a great place to live if you’re looking for wealthy, educated executives. These residents own stately homes with high appreciation rates and tend not only to be busy but also happy in their work/life balance–this area has been rated as an “executive lifestyle best choice” since it has a better for executive lifestyles than 99.9% of the neighborhoods across Missouri.

The Woodneath Farms neighborhood is one of the most desirable in all of Kansas City. This location offers highly educated executives, families with school-aged children, and urban sophisticates a chance for an awesome lifestyle right outside their doorsteps.

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