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Whittier, Denver, Colorado area, is a beautiful and diverse urban neighborhood with the best of both worlds. It has access not only to Denver’s bustling downtown scene but also to peaceful country living just minutes outside your doorsteps. The median price of a home in the Whittier neighborhood is $680,704. This makes it more expensive than 75.6% of neighborhoods found across Colorado and 85.7 percent nationwide.

Whittier is one of the more affordable neighborhoods in Colorado. The average rental price in this neighborhood is $1,541. This is lower than 82% of Colorado neighborhoods and makes it a great place for those looking to find their next home.

The Whittier community is a great place for those who want small, affordable homes. The neighborhood’s real estate consists primarily of these types, with some medium-sized apartments mixed in among them.

The Whittier neighborhood is an interesting place to live. The homes in this area were built between 1939 and 1969, with some dating back even earlier than that. Many residents here own their properties while others rent them out – but it doesn’t matter if you’re an owner or renter because every street has its own character worth discovering no matter what type of home you’re walking past right now.

The housing market in Whittier is much more competitive than most other areas of the country, which means you’ll have to put up with minor inconveniences for your purchase or sale. This isn’t too bad, though, as it’s not uncommon here, and people seem happy enough living within this type of environment; there might even be a slight rise over time, thanks largely to new construction that may help make things easier on all parties concerned.

The Whittier neighborhood is a place where people live well into their retirement years due to its low rates of childhood poverty. This area has fewer children living below the breadwinner standard than any other part of America.

The people of Whittier are more likely to support the arts, go on outings with their friends and family or enjoy a fine dining experience. In addition, they have an eye for fashion, as shown by all the boutique stores located within this neighborhood- not to mention there’s always some incredible theater worth seeing.

If it sounds like your life would be fulfilled here, then maybe you should consider moving into one of its elegant century-old homes, which can be found throughout ‘the neighborhood,’ so start looking today before someone else does first because once these gems sell out, nobody will ever again see them coming back around.

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