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Westwood is a quiet yet bustling neighborhood in St. Louis where residents enjoy an urban feel with easy access to highways and destinations throughout the city. Westwood is a beautiful neighborhood in St. Louis that’s perfect for any family looking to settle down and call it home. This area has such great schools, with many different options available depending on your child’s needs or preferences. You’ll find plenty of green space nearby, too; there are multiple parks within walking distance of this neighborhood.

Westwood is a fantastic neighborhood in the heart of Dallas. The homes here are large and spacious, with some having up to five bedrooms. You’ll notice that not only do these houses stand out from other neighborhoods by their size but also because there’s more real estate for you as well, making it easier than ever before if looking at buying your first home or even just wanting something new on sale. The Westwood neighborhood in the city of Missouri has one of the highest rates for detached homes anywhere. With 99% made up solely by single-family houses, this area far outshines any other similar location across America with an incredible 98%.

The Westwood / Frontenac neighborhood in the city is a great place to live. With much older, well-established homes that were built between 1940 and 1969, you can find yourself living in one of them. Not only do these houses provide value for your money, but they also offer an authentic feel with their vintage architecture. Plus, you’ll also find some newer construction here as well – mainly from 1970 through 1999.

The median price of a home in Westwood is $809,511, which makes it more expensive than 99.2% of neighborhoods across Missouri and 90% more expensive than most neighborhoods in America. Westwood / Frontenac is a popular area for renters, with an average rental price of $2,199. This ranks as the highest cost among all neighborhoods in Missouri and significantly higher than 98%of nearby areas, which makes it seem like something worth considering if you’re looking into moving there.

The bustling Westwood neighborhood, in particular, has a very high rate of owner-occupied housing. This isn’t found nearly as often in the U.S., with only 96% being owners instead of renters. If you’re looking for rent hubs, these areas may be slim, but there’s always stability when people can call their homes home. Westwood is one of the most wealthy neighborhoods in St. Louis, making it among America’s 15% highest-income areas. The median household income across this area exceeds that seen nationally by 96%.

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