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Vineyard Estates

The median real estate price in Vineyard Estates is $538,716. This amount exceeds the average for all neighborhoods within New Mexico as well as 78% of American communities nationwide.

Vineyard Estates is an exclusively wealthy community. The average rental price in this neighborhood stands at $1,962, which makes it higher than 91% of districts across New Mexico.

Vineyard Estates is home to medium-sized families and large households. Most residents here own their homes, which are typically single-family dwellings with 3 or 4 bedrooms. The Vineyard Estates neighborhood is a great place to live in because there are so many different types of homes. You can find everything from older established properties that were built between 1970 and 1999, all the way up through ones newly erected within 2000 and more present.

Vineyard Estates is a quiet community where residents have been known to live for decades. The current vacancy rate here is at 0 .8%, which means that there are very few homes available in this area as opposed to the demand from those who want property like yours.

Vineyard Estates is the perfect place to raise a family in New Mexico. With its excellent schools and low crime rate, this neighborhood has it all for parents who want their children’s futures to shape them into responsible adults.

The Vineyard Estates community is a place where people socialize and develop strong senses of belonging. In addition, many college-educated parents live here, which influences the academic success rates for schools in our area.

The Vineyard Estates is equipped With all the amenities you need for a thriving family, this neighborhood is an excellent choice. The highly educated and sophisticated urban population makes this neighborhood even better.

68.9% of the population in Vineyard Estates is married, which means they may know more than just Christianity’s secret to a successful marriage-they have lived it themselves. The diversity in this neighborhood is unique. 36% of adults here have earned a Masters’s degree or medical or law degree.

Vineyard estates have more Danish ancestry people living in it than nearly any neighborhood in America; 3.5% of this neighborhood’s residents have Danish roots.

Vineyard Estates is a linguistically diverse neighborhood. Significantly, 4.9% of its residents, five years old and above, primarily speak Vietnamese at home; this percentage may seem small, but it’s higher than 98% of U.S neighborhoods.

It’s not surprising that the Vineyard Estates neighborhood in Albuquerque is among 15% of America’s highest-income areas. The neighbors here are wealthy, making it one of those most affluent communities across all fifty states.

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