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Village Greens Park North

Village Greens North Park, located in Greenwood Village, CO, is a unique and natural place for adventure recreation. Village Greens North Park offers a unique adventure for those who want some fresh air and natural scenery. The dryland character of this park is maintained with groupings of Native American grasses as well as plants that are found nowhere else on earth.

Village Greens North Park is an ideal place to get out and about with friends, family, or just by yourself. The 1.2-mile loop walking/biking trail links up seamlessly as well, so you can continue your adventure on foot if desired. There are plenty of tables spread across the property where everyone will feel at home while enjoying some delicious food from one of its many restaurants.

The Village Greens North Park has an 18 Hole Disc Golf Course, which is great for beginners and intermediates. The course consists of concrete pad boxes with baskets as targets on each hole – it’s about 6k long. There are cairn signs next to each tee box that provides an easy map- no matter your skill level, you’ll be able to play this beautifully maintained park-like terrain golf course within the city limits. For those brave souls who dare try their luck at throwing something other than metal maneuvers across these beautiful fields filled with natural beauty.

The 18 Hole Disc Golf Course doesn’t require tee times. You can enter the park and play on our beautiful, open layout without having to schedule an appointment beforehand or worry about reserved spots being taken by other players who have shown up earlier than you did. The only thing they ask for as visitors are courteous conduct during gameplay, so don’t be afraid of getting dirty looks from anyone else because they’re playing later in their session – if there’s nobody near them when yours comes along, then go ahead.

Village Greens North Park has an approximately 2.75-mile Mountain Bike Skills Course that provides riders with a single-track trail experience, varying in difficulty from beginner to black diamond obstacles and containing over 100 different features throughout the area, which are all designed for both new bikers as well experienced ones alike. The north end of this course contains two smaller loops: A hill loop (with more steep climbs) and Prairie Loop; these offer additional challenges not found on other parts or entire courses at various levels – meaning you’ll be able to your skills off before tackling them if needed/wanted based upon how comfortable they feel while learning concerning balance control, etc… also remember protection.

Address: 9501 E. Union Ave., Greenwood Village, CO 80111-4591.

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