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Vandeventer West

Vandeventer West is a neighborhood in St Louis, MO, that has been ranked as one of the most urban places to live. It’s also considered part industrial zone with plenty of activity occurring throughout its landscape and many employment opportunities available due to Vandeventer West’s location.

In a world where income is constantly on everyone’s minds, it’s important to know what kind of money you’ll be making before moving into any neighborhood. And luckily for those who are looking in Vandeventer West St Louis, Missouri, there seems like plenty here. The neighbors in this Vandevener West neighborhood are middle-income, making it a moderate-income neighborhood. These homes have higher incomes than 59% of America’s neighborhoods.

Vandeventer West is a quiet neighborhood with many smaller apartment complexes and single-family homes. Most of the population here lives in apartments, making this area perfect for those who want to be close enough without having too much noise from other people around them all day long. The Vandeventer West neighborhood is one of the most historic neighborhoods in Little Rock. You’ll find many homes that were built before 1939 and some from the early 1920s. In addition to this older housing stock, there are also buildings from between 1970-1999 waiting for you.

The beautiful Vandeventer West has an amazing real estate market that you will want to check out. In fact, the median price for homes there exceeds $515k – which makes it more expensive than 96% of neighborhoods across Missouri as well as 76% more expensive than most neighborhoods in the US. This area has fantastic values when compared nationally, but also locally- so if your family needs space or just wants something unique, then consider looking into buying Vandeventseter West, where all types of old houses can be found, from single level condos right up through vacation properties.

The average rental price in the beautiful Vandeventer West is $963, which makes it lower than 74% of Missouri neighborhoods. The housing market in Vandeventer West is bustling with a low rate of home and apartment vacancies. The house vacancy rates here range near the middle range for nationwide norms, which means it’s not too bad, nor does it offer great opportunities to find your next place. There are 7.1% vacant homes and apartments, which is lower than 55%. This makes this neighborhood an ideal place for those who want some peace without sacrificing their lifestyle needs.

The Vandeventer West neighborhood in St. Louis has been identified as a moderate-income area, making it one of the more prosperous neighborhoods around here.

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