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The Magic House Children’s Museum

To enchant the mind, there is nothing like magic. The best place to visit in St. Louis, MO for young and old alike are those who practice this art form; it’s called “The Magic House.” This museum teaches you just how many wonders await around every corner. Magic is all around us. There are few places that can enchant the mind, like a museum filled with magic, and this St. Louis attraction has something for everyone.

Situated at 516 S Kirkwood Rd, St. Louis, MO 63122, The Magic House Children’s Museum is the perfect place for kids who love learning. With over 100 activities, it has everything from interactive games and arts-and-crafts projects to animal training in one fun location. Kids have 55,000 square feet of space where they can play. The stately Victorian mansion where the museum is located has three floors and has undergone significant expansion since it opened its doors for public viewing in 1979 with exhibits on Native Americans from across North America as well as other galleries showcasing culture through history.

Visitors to the park will find a variety of fun things for themselves and their children. Some popular activities include: trying out static electricity by touching the Van de Graaff generator, which makes the hair stand up when it encounters an extra charge; climbing three floors high in an attempt at scaling Jack’s beanstalk storyteller machine (which also includes playing games); practising law with the Oval Office playset, where kids can be lawyers or other professionals like vets-all while having plenty more imaginative moments.

The Magic House is a must-see for all St. Louis visitors with children. More than 500,000 people go there every year to enjoy the fun things it has in store-from hands-on activities and games taught by professionals who know what kids like best; to teachable moments that will make you think differently about your environment or how we live our lives as adults; to surprises around every corner at this incredible museum/attraction facility where anything can happen (and usually does).

Fun facts, games, and hands-on activities are all part of the experience at this children’s museum in Missouri. Museum-goers can learn about science through interactive exhibits that make it totally awesome. They will also be able to play with technology by using software like Ball Contraption or MAKEBLOX’s blocks creator tool, which allows them to create their own structures out of blueprints stored electronically on boards near each station.

The museum is geared toward children of all ages, with a “For Baby and Me” section that’s great for babies too. Your little ones will be fascinated by everything in this fascinating building.

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