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The Loop, ST. Louis, Missouri

Moving into a  location of your choice or one that is simply appealing is something that you really have to do if you are going to be moving out to a new location or just switching neighborhoods. This is true regardless of the reason you might have for making the move. For some people, the perfect neighborhood would be one that is quiet and unhurried, while others would rather be in a location that has a bit more energy or some certain kind of vibrancy. Nevertheless, you should do whatever floats your boat!

There are a number of hipster havens to be found in St. Louis, MO. Ponytailed developer Joe Edwards’ entertainment zone extends eastward inside The Loop with the addition of the Moonrise Hotel and Washington University’s environmentally friendly skyscraper at the corner of Delmar and Skinker (see pages 22 and 24). In addition to the Tivoli and The Pageant, TheLoop features a plethora of additional attractions, such as Fifi’s, which is known for its punk and rockabilly clothes, Layal Café, which is known for its hookah and conversation, and surrounding apartments that are relatively inexpensive. You may watch a rock band at CBGB or browse through old hardcover books at Dunaway Books if you take a stroll down South Grand in the Tower Grove South and East neighborhoods. Tin Can Tavern and Three Monkeys are just two of the restaurants that have revitalized the formerly desolate Morgan Ford Road in Tower Grove South and turned it into a popular dining destination. Another one of the benefits? There are several reasonably priced Victorian homes available. The Firecracker Press and Apop Records are located directly across the street from the Boots Contemporary Art Space, which can be found along Cherokee. In addition, the Black Bear Bakery is a shining example of urban sustainability and organic food practices. It calls itself a “anti-authoritarian, anti-ideological collective,” and it is administered by a cooperative.

The Loop is the place to be if you’re looking for neighborhoods that are bustling with activity and full of people of all ages and backgrounds. It is a well-known truth that the majority of people regard this neighborhood to be the best possible location for the “trendy” mover. You will absolutely find everything you are looking for in this location, from an excellent and warmly friendly atmosphere to residents who are more than just fantastic. What are you holding out for exactly? The Loop is waiting for you!

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