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Tattered Cover Book Store

Tired of the same old books? Head on down to Tattered Cover Book Store, where you’ll find a diverse selection that’s sure worth browsing through. This independent store has been around since 1971, and it shows no signs of slowing down.

Tattered Cover Book Store is Denver’s best independent bookstore. They have been a community gathering place since 1971, and in an era when online sales threatened brick-and-mortar stores everywhere, they thrived to the point that they now have multiple locations—including one right off of LoDo’s new McGregor Square district across from Coors Field. Their knowledgeable staff and comfy armchairs make it a live event series that hosts well-known authors for seminars every week.

Tattered Cover Bookstore has the perfect balance of cozy and classy. The walls are lined with books that make you feel like your adventure begins here, while they serve up some pretty amazing coffee too.

Tattered Cover Book Store is a must-see for book lovers. Their selection of new and used books will delight any reader, but it’s their curated list that tags them as true experts. You may never find such insightful notes on why someone would like one specific title before at another store, so make sure you stop by the next time your shelves need filling up or if this sounds like something interesting to try out with friends who don’t always want what everyone else does-there’s enough variety here without feeling overwhelmed too soon after entering through those doors.

What’s not to love at the Tattered Cover Book Store? In their children’s section, you’ll find all of your favorite children’s books and even some new ones on tape for those who can’t get enough. What better way than with a calendar or two as well? This Colorado-based chain is known as much for its whimsical atmosphere in downtown Denver area (a must if you’re looking forward to map time) as it is for providing great deals on new releases.

Situated at 1701 Wynkoop Street, Denver, Colorado, the Tattered Cover Book Store is the perfect place to buy a new book if you don’t have much cash. For just $5, they’ll give any customer an exquisite leather-bound journal with gold trim and matching stationery that will make their flight home from Denver International Airport all too easy.

The Tattered Cover Book Store is a place where people from across the spectrum can come to find what they’re looking for. You’ll see everything from academically inclined bookworms sipping lattes while scanning index cards in search of new acquisitions or septuagenarians reading romance novels on their lunch break—the extensive collection has something that will suit any reader’s taste.

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