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Tarrytown is a suburban neighborhood in Kansas City, Missouri. The population density in Tarrytown makes it an ideal place for those looking to find their own piece of land with plenty of room leftover.

Homes in the Tarrytown neighborhood are prized possessions, with a median price of $507K. This makes it more expensive than 93.7 percent of neighborhoods across Missouri and 73.4% nationwide.

The cost of renting a home in the Tarrytown neighborhood is higher than 96.1% of all other neighborhoods across Missouri, with an average rental price of $1,910 per month.

The Tarrytown neighborhood is an ideal place to live, with plenty of space for everyone. The real estate here consists primarily of medium-sized (three or four-bedroom) homes and apartment buildings/high rises that offer one, two, or three bedrooms, depending on your needs.

The Tarrytown neighborhood is a great place to live if you’re looking for single-family homes. There are many newer, high-quality builds that were built between 2000 and more recently on this side of town – perfect. You’ll also find some older properties here as well, ones dating back around 1990 or before (though these may not be quite so luxurious).

Tarrytown is a great place to live with low rates of home and apartment vacancies. The rate here sits at only 8%, which means you’re likely going to have trouble finding something if you’re looking for an available property since the area’s vacancy rate is lower than 50% of American neighborhoods.

The Tarrytown neighborhood in Kansas, MO, is a shining example of what can happen when people come together to make their community better. The area has some incredible statistics on children’s living standards, with the lowest poverty rates anywhere across America.

Living in Tarrytown is a great choice for executives who want to live comfortably with higher education and wealth levels. The adults here tend to be upper-level professionals, many of whom work as either lawyers or doctors; they also maintain high real estate appreciation rates on their stately homes that can get you an easy bid offer if desired. This neighborhood was rated as one where “executive lifestyles” are preferred over 97.9 percent of other American neighborhoods.

The newer homes in this Tarrytown neighborhood make up a higher proportion of its real estate landscape than 98.3% of other neighborhoods across America, and you can see it right away when driving around the area with fresh paint jobs on nearly every building. In fact, 84 percent are classified as being from 2000 or later, which means they date back quite a while ago.

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