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Sunset Hill West

When you think of the perfect place to live in Kansas City, MO, where do your thoughts turn first? For many people around this area, it would be Sunset Hill West. This quiet suburban neighborhood offers all that’s needed in an ideal home – with easy access to downtown Kansas City only minutes away by car or public transportation.

The median real estate price in the Sunset Hill West neighborhood is $873,464, which makes it more expensive than 99% of neighborhoods across Missouri and 89.2 percent nationwide.

Imagine living in a beautiful, quiet neighborhood with great schools nearby. The homes here cost higher than most places in the state, and they’re always available for rent. In the Sunset Hill West neighborhood of Kansas, MO, it’s easy to find a rental home that costs $1,990 per month. That is higher than 97% percent of all nearby neighborhoods, which makes this location special for those who want something out-of-the-ordinary with their prices or needs, as well as anyone looking at moving soon.

The views in the Sunset Hill West neighborhood are perfect for a relaxing day. The real estate there primarily consists of medium-sized (three or four bedroom) to large homes with multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, as well as small apartment buildings that offer more living space without having any additional commute time than someone who lives elsewhere would have.

The large homes in the Sunset Hill West neighborhood are perfect for families looking to settle down. The area has a lot of green space and many schools, making it an ideal spot to raise children or aging parents who want more independence but still enjoy being nearby when needed.

The Sunset Hill West community is a great place to live if you’re looking for homes that have character and history. Many of these residences were built between 1939 and 1969, which means they offer an authentic old-world feel, unlike most other places in the city where new construction dominates.

The current vacancy rate in the Sunset Hill West neighborhood is 1.1%, which means that there are still many available units for people to live in this beautiful community. This extremely low number shows how much stock the housing supply has compared with demand here – it’s tight enough where you can’t find a place anywhere near your desired location, but luckily, they’re working on fixing that by building more homes so everyone will be able to come closer towards realizing their dreams of living close-in without having any trouble finding an apartment or house anytime soon.

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