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Staley Farms

The Staley Farms neighborhood in Kansas City is an excellent choice for those who are looking to live a suburban lifestyle with all the benefits that come from living on higher ground.

Real estate prices in the Staley Farms neighborhood are higher than most other areas of Missouri and across America. The median price of properties here is $505,727, which makes it more expensive than 95.3% of the neighborhoods across Missouri and 74.6% of the neighborhoods across the United States.

Landlords in this area command a higher rental cost than just about any other part of town, with an average price of $1,228. The Staley Farms neighborhood is more expensive when compared to 85% percent of areas within Missouri.

Homebuyers in the Staley Farms neighborhood have a variety of options when it comes to finding their dream house. There are single-family homes, mobile homes, and even large households that can be found here.

There’s a lot of diversity in the neighborhood. Most homes are owner-occupied, with newer houses being more prevalent than older ones that may have been built before 1970 or so when this area was still developing its identity as Staley Farms and not yet filled up entirely by residents who wanted to live here full time rather than just owning property but never living on it themselves.

The vast majority of residences were created between 2000 and the present, which makes sense given how quickly our area grew during these years; however, one thing worth noting is despite all these newly constructed properties that exist today, you’ll notice very little difference.

Where else can you live comfortably as an executive without being too far from all of your day-to-day needs? The Staley Farms neighborhood in Missouri has been rated among “the best choices” for executives in the state. It’s home to many wealthy and educated adults who own stately homes, which tend to appreciate at high rates compared with other parts of cities throughout America – perfect if that’s something important enough for you.

What makes the Staley Farms neighborhood so special? For one thing, it’s home to some of America’s wealthiest citizens. Just 3% percent are wealthier than those living here. In addition, this community boasts an abundance of well-maintained properties with high real estate values that also tend not to change much over time either—you can count on what your investment is worth after just two decades or so depending upon where you live in relation to the market rate at any given moment.

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