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St. Louis Science Center

In 1963, the Saint Louis Science Center, located in St. Louis area, was founded as a planetarium. It has since grown into one of America’s most popular indoor activities, with over two million visitors every year.

Whether you’re an avid space fan or not, the Saint Louis Science Center is one place in this city that will make all your childhood memories come alive. It was founded as a planetarium back when people still thought television signals came from aliens, and it has been able to live up to every bit of its reputation since then, with plenty more attractions for visitors who want something different than just walking around downtown areas.

The Saint Louis Science Center is a place where you can learn all about science since they have exhibits that will teach anyone, whether they’re just learning or already experts in this field. From their museum with plenty of room for exploration and discovery at every turn–to an immersive planetarium show so clear even novice skywatchers may find themselves challenged by the night sky—the center has something perfect waiting inside each building.

Situated at 5050 Oakland Ave, St. Louis, MO 63110, the St. Louis Science Center is also a place for children and adults to explore science all year round. You can learn about different topics like atoms, oceans (with skeletons), sand, stardust, and even dinosaurs in the dark matter exhibit on your way through this museum full of knowledge.

The kids will love this science museum and planetarium in Forest Park. They’ll get to explore some of their favorite exhibits, like those about animals or space. This is a great chance for you parents who may not know much more than what’s on TV each night at dinner time-teach them all from an early age how fascinating these things can really be by getting absorbed into your child’s world as they learn something new every day.

There are over 700 exhibits at the St. Louis Science Center, and they’re all about science! You can also catch live shows where fire or electricity will ignite your curiosity in ways you never thought possible before—don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to get educated.

This science center turns out to be a great place to visit if you want an immersive experience with dinosaurs, space travel, and exhibition sports. There’s nothing like watching history come alive as it happens right before your eyes in one of their three Omnimax theaters or experiencing something new when flying through the skies in their flight simulator.

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