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South Plaza

If you’re looking to live in a more urban setting with easy access to public transportation, then South Plaza is the perfect neighborhood. It has an average population density much higher than other parts of Kansas City and offers many amenities that make life easier – including grocery stores on every corner.

The median real estate price in the South Plaza neighborhood is $650,594, which makes it more expensive than 84.4% of all neighborhoods across Missouri and 73 percent nationwide.

The median rental price in the South Plaza community is currently $2,204. This means that the cost of renting here exceeds that of 98% of other neighborhoods across Missouri.

With a great location and tons of amenities, the South Plaza neighborhood is perfect for any family. From single-family homes to apartment complexes/high-rise apartments, this area has something in store for everyone. There are small homes that can be found on this street, as well as larger apartments with multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, perfect for those who want their own space away from parents’ expectations.

The South Plaza neighborhood is a historical community in Kansas City area. With homes that date back to before 1939, it has plenty going on for its residents. There’s also some newer construction happening too- mostly 2000s era developments with an overlap into more recent years where you can find condos or apartments renting at higher rates than surrounding areas because they weren’t built as badly damaged properties after all these disasters hit our country lately (storms). Most of these properties are occupied by both owners and renters alike.

The residents of the South Plaza neighborhood not only have a greater concentration than 98.7% of other neighborhoods in college enrollment but also 33.6% are currently enrolled. This is an excellent community to live in if you’re looking for schools that will prepare your children well and enable them to reach their educational goals – it’s no wonder this area is great for individuals who are currently enrolled in college.

If you’re looking for an amazing community to live in that’s walkable, has great public schools, and an above-average safety from crime, then the South Plaza neighborhood might be your new home. It also happens this area is popular among college students who want these perks too.

The South Plaza / University of Missouri Kansas City community is a great place to live if you’re looking for jobs in management and leadership. The people (71.9%) here tend to work with more executives than 97% of other places across America, which shapes not only their character but also what makes this such an interesting area.

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