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Sierra Tempe / Encore at Tempe Village

The area of Sierra Tempe / Encore at Tempe Village is a gated community located in Tempe, Arizona. The pristine landscape and beautiful suburban feel make it an ideal place to call home, whether you’re looking for luxury or affordability.

The Sierra Tempe / Encore at Tempe Village is an upscale neighborhood in Arizona with a median real estate price of $678,675. This makes it more expensive than 90.3 percent of other neighborhoods within the state and 85.9% nationwide.

The average rental price in the Sierra Tempe / Encore at Tempe Village neighborhood is currently $2,821. This is higher than 89% of neighborhoods within Arizona.

The Sierra Tempe /Encore at Tempe Village is a great place for those who want plenty of space, privacy, and relaxation. The area has many different types of homes that range from large single-family houses with multiple bedrooms to efficient apartments in high-rise buildings, perfect if you’re looking only to use some rooms while leaving others free. The real estate in the Sierra Tempe /Encore at Tempe Village neighborhoods is made up primarily of medium-sized homes (three or four bedrooms) to small apartments.

In the Sierra Tempe / Encore at Tempe Village neighborhood, most homes are owner-occupied. Many of these residences were built in 2000 or later, and a few dating back to 1970-1999 with an interesting range between those years – you’ll find everything here.

The Sierra Tempe / Encore at Tempe Village community is a great place to live if you’re looking for newly built homes. 64.5% of this neighborhood’s real estate here was created after 1999, which is higher than 95.4% of other U.S. neighborhoods. It feels like everything has been freshly paved or recently finished construction- not old enough that it would have any charm lost in its wear and tear.

The Sierra Tempe / Encore at Tempe Village is a great neighborhood for executives who want to live in an area where they are fellow professionals. This part of town has spacious homes with stable real estate values, making it among Arizona’s top 11% executive lifestyle neighborhoods according to the strict parameters set out by state law.

The moment you walk into this neighborhood, it is clear that something differentiates the people who live here. A greater proportion of residents living in Tempe Village did not reside here five years ago than can be found among 97% of all U.S. neighborhoods. The newest generation has grown up around some aspect or another about how life used to work before them – which means they bring their own set beliefs with them when moving onto new places as well.

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