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Rancho Alta Vida

Located in Phoenix, Arizona, is a neighborhood known as Rancho Alta Vida / Doubletree Canyon. This area has an average population density much higher than other parts of town, and it’s perfect for those who want to live near amenities without the hustle-bustle that comes with downtown living. The Rancho Alta Vida / Doubletree Canyon neighborhood in Phoenix is one of the best places to live if you enjoy a quiet, peaceful lifestyle with plenty of amenities. This particular area has an excellent view as well because it’s located on top-tier land overlooking the ASU campus and downtown cityscape.

The Rancho Alta Vida / Doubletree Canyon neighborhood is a perfect place to call home. With single-family homes and townhomes available in all sizes, you’re sure to find something that fits your family’s needs. The area also features established but not old buildings like those built between 1970 – 1999, which make it easy on both homeowners who want their property improved with newer infrastructure while still maintaining its original charm; or if history isn’t really what matters, then at least take note when walking through these streets lined by oak trees dripping Spanish moss onto the pavement below them.

This picturesque neighborhood is a beautiful, quiet area in the hills. The homes here tend to be medium-sized, with three or four bedrooms and plenty of space for everyone. Most owners live on their own, but some condos also exist, which provide an option if you’re looking for something different from your normal house style – this includes older properties, too; many were built between 1940-1969 (although there’s always exceptions). This neighborhood in the Rancho Alta Vida / Doubletree Canyon area has a higher rate of owner-occupied housing than 97% of U.S neighborhoods, which suggests stability for those who live there.

The median home price in Rancho Alta Vida is $1,065,320, which makes it more expensive than 95.7% of neighborhoods in Arizona and 92%. This could be a big problem for people who want to buy or sell their house because they will have trouble getting financing from traditional sources like banks if they’re not qualified enough. The price of renting a home in this area can be costly, with an average rental cost currently at $3793. The rate is higher than 98% percent of other neighborhoods across Arizona.

The Rancho Alta Vida / Doubletree Canyon neighborhood is one of the wealthiest areas in America, and it has some pretty impressive stats to back that up. Not only does this area have an incredible concentration of wealth but also exceptionally low rates of child poverty too.

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