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Imagine living in the perfect spot, close to all amenities but still feeling secluded. That’s what you’ll find with Raintree, a beautifully landscaped suburban neighborhood located in Tempe, AZ, where people can enjoy amazing views and plenty of space.

The Raintree neighborhood is one of the most expensive in Arizona, with a median real estate price that’s about double the national average. The cost to live here would also make it difficult for many people who don’t have funds like this – but you could luck out if your job has good benefits or provides enough income, not just on its own.

The Raintree neighborhood is more expensive than 89.4% of the neighborhoods in Arizona and 85% nationwide. It’s also among the most pricey areas for homes, with a median price of $663K – which isn’t bad considering all that space.

The cost of renting a home in the Raintree neighborhood is rather high at $2,824 on average. However, this rate exceeds 89% percent of other areas within Arizona, making it an expensive but still feasible option for those who wish to live here without having too much trouble paying their monthly mortgage bill or finding tenants willing enough to rent.

The Raintree neighborhood is a great place to call home. It has everything that you could want in your ideal living situation, from three- or four-bedroom houses with plenty of space for kids and pets right down to small-sized lofts perfect if you’re looking high up on the ladder without all those pesky stairs.

The Raintree neighborhood is a great place to live in because you can find all sorts of different types of housing. The majority are owner-occupied, with many having been built between 1970 and 1999, with others built between 1940 – 1969.

The real estate market in Raintree is quite healthy, with 4.3% vacancies which means that there are plenty of homes available to buyers on the hunt for their next property. This low rate may, however, signal significant future growth or new construction product coming soon as demand exceeded supply here – something we see happening very often these days due to particularly high prices within this area compared to other places around America where you can find similar types properties at cheaper costs (or even more expensive).

The Raintree neighborhood in Arizona is rated as an executive lifestyle “best choice” for adults who want to live a high life. This wealthy, educated section of town has stately homes that tend to maintain higher rates of real estate appreciation than most other places around here – which means you’ll never need another house but can still enjoy your success.

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