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Peak View Brewing Company

The award-winning Peak View Brewing Company, located in Greenwood Village, CO area, is a perfect destination for beer lovers who want to enjoy their taste of the world-class Colorado craft brews. The microbrewery’s location on Denver’s south side makes it easily accessible from many areas in and around this thriving metropolis while also being just minutes away from some other great spots.

The taproom at Peak View is the perfect place to enjoy a cold one with friends and family while watching your favorite sports game on our outdoor patio. We offer 18 different kinds of beer and 4 craft seltzers for those who want something healthier or more refreshing than alcohol can provide them in their taste buds’ journey today. Also, there are locally owned restaurants that will make you feel right at home, whether it be Italian food served until 10 pm every night (and yes, there are vegetarian options!), so come hungry.

At Peak View Brewing Company they are committed to veterans and family. Their beers show this through their amazing taste with a kick of hops that will roof your mouth in joy! We have created an awesome community for all people who love craft beer by hosting events geared towards everyone from beginners curious about what’s going on behind bars to enthusiasts looking for something new at every turn.

Peak View Brewing Company strives to be a company that inspires new adventures. Whether you are exploring the beautiful Colorado mountains or climbing towards your own goals, our love for the outdoors brings people together and fosters exploration as well as innovation in brewing techniques so we can bring out those adventurous qualities within all of us.

Peak View Brewing Company makes a range of great beers to help you get closer and disconnected from your worries. Whether it’s the beautiful Colorado scenery or an adventurous goal, they have something for everyone at this brewpub.

A Brewery for Your Events! The Peak View Brewing Company is the perfect place to host your next event. We have two private bathrooms and an enclosed space that can accommodate up 75 people, all without sacrificing any of its uniqueness or charm – because this isn’t just another boring conference room where you’ll feel like everyone else in person; instead, it will be something special created specifically with YOU (and only YOUR guests).

Visit Peak View Brewing Company this week for a chance at winning some great prizes. There’s a Mario Kart Tournament that will have you on your feet from the start-to-finish. And don’t forget about our trivia contest with 90s theme night – it’ll make sure all of those brain cells are properly entertained while they wait in line or enjoy themselves inside with us.”

Address: 9672 E Arapahoe Rd, Greenwood Village, CO 80112-3703.

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