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Paseo del Bosque

The Paseo del Bosque is a 16-mile walking and biking path that traces the forested Rio Grande through central Albuquerque, New Mexico area. This popular route provides access to some breathtaking scenery, as well as an educational opportunity for those who want to learn more about our environment.

Paseo del Bosque is a great way to get out of the city and enjoy some fresh air. The route has multiple access points along its length, which means you’re sure to find something that suits your needs! There are also plenty of animal-watching opportunities with stops at Rio Grande Nature Center State Park or Tinley Beach on this hike – both have fantastic views over natural pools filled with aquatic plants in summertime flowers. A detour into nature can be invaluable for mental well-being, so take advantage when available.

The Paseo del Bosque is one of Albuquerque’s most popular trails. It starts at the north side and goes all south to enter into Rio GRANDE. This beautiful path offers scenic views with plenty for bird watching as well as other outdoor activities like hiking or biking along its two-mile route through THE FOREST–the Cottonwood Bosque forest.

The Paseo del Bosque is a scenic and famous trail, and There’s one restroom available at Alameda bridge access on the southeast side. The Paseo del Bosque is a great place for all different types of users. You’ll meet people on their bikes, electric scooters, or walkers and runners who use this path every day to get from A to B. The best way you can enjoy yourself while using one of our trails? Always be mindful of courtesy towards other park visitors.

Alameda offers ample parking and easily accommodates horse trailers. Access is on the southeast side of the Alameda Blvd bridge.

The Paseo del Bosque Trail offers an opportunity to view ducks, geese, and other wildlife enjoying the Alameda Wetland. This constructed wetland is intended to mimic what historically occupied floodplains of rivers such as the Rio Grande.

Paseo del Bosque is a shady spot near the northeast corner of the Alameda bridge where you can enjoy your lunch while being shaded by tall cottonwoods.

The Paseo del Bosque is a beautiful, well-maintained trail that will lead you through the Open Space Shining River Parking Area. The best way to enjoy this space? Start at 2nd Street and head south until we reach the Rio Grande.

If you’re looking for a scenic picnic area with plenty of space and great views, look no further than Pueblo Montano Picnic Area. The parking lot includes dedicated ADA spots as well as equestrian areas to accommodate all types.

Address: New Mexico, USA.

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