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Old Courthouse

Located at 1 N 4th St, St. Louis, MO 63102, The Old Courthouse in St. Louis is a perfect example of how to use an old building for new purposes. The historic site has been restored and reused as office space, preserving its iconic stature while also adding modern amenities like air conditioning or plumbing fixtures that weren’t available when it first opened over a hundred years ago.

The oldest building in St. Louis, Missouri, the Old Courthouse, stands as an example of our city’s history and provides visitors with a glimpse into how it felt back when this was home-land for many people who settled here from Ireland or Germany. The landmark’s fame stems not only from its age but also because The Dred Scott Case took place inside its walls-one maneuvering point during what became known internationally enough that even now, you can find books written about it. This building is an interesting part of St. Louis’s history, and it’s also where important cases were decided, such as Dred Scott v. the United States (1857).

When the Dred Scott case went before the Supreme Court, it became one of history’s most pivotal moments. The verdict would determine whether or not slaves had any rights and if women could vote. Slavery in America is an ugly part of our history that we should not forget. The Dred Scott case gave rise to one important question: Does a black person have rights because he or she belongs to America? In 1848, Virginia Louisa Minor fought for women’s suffrage when they were still considered property under men instead of what their own minds told them: they were capable individuals with thoughts and ideas all their own lives and deserved better than to be treated as such, at least within voting bodies.

Touring the Old Courthouse is one of those must-dos while in St. Louis. You’ll get a feel for how people fought and suffered throughout history, all because they knew what was right. The architectural design of the museum, with a dome reminiscent of those seen in ancient Roman buildings, is quite astonishing. The building houses many historical items that are worth seeing for any history buff looking into historic architecture or Westward Expansion-related material.

The historic Old Courthouse is getting a much-needed makeover. The National Park Service and Gateway Arch Park Foundation announced that these renovations would start in late 2021. With the renovations, visitors will be able to explore more of St. Louis’ rich history and enjoy some great views along the way.

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