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Oakville Southeast

Oakville Southeast is a quiet yet busy neighborhood that has everything you need. Whether it’s schools or parks for your kids- there are plenty of options in this area.

The area of Oakville Southeast is a great spot for residents who want to live in small homes with plenty of space. The city offers both single-family homeownership opportunities as well as more elaborate properties that can suit large families or groups looking at shared living quarters. The people who live in the Oakville area love how close it gets them to many amenities in St. Louis, MO area. For those looking at purchasing their first property on pure land with plenty of room enough both inside and outside your house, there really isn’t any better location than where we live here: The neighborhood features scenic views while still providing privacy if you want some extra space.

The Oakville Southeast neighborhood is a great place to call home because it has something that will fit any need. With newer homes available as well, there are plenty of options for those who want their property improved with modern amenities and designs. The Oakville Southeast neighborhood is home to a number of established but not old homes. Many were built between 1970 and 1999, while others were newer in 2000 or later years altogether.

With a median price of $480,741 per square foot in Oakville, Southeast Missouri, it is more expensive than 90% of the neighborhoods across Missouri and 69% more expensive than neighborhoods in the US. The cost of renting a home in Oakville Southeast is higher than 74% of other neighborhoods in Missouri. The average rental price here currently sits at $1,327 – which makes it more expensive compared with similarly-sized areas across Missouri. 

The current Oakville Southeast vacancy rate is 0.9%, which means that there are few homes for sale in this area compared to other neighborhoods across America with higher rates of vacancies. The tightness or lack thereof when it comes down to housing supply versus demand can have serious effects on your ability to make an offer on one particular property because if everyone wants something at once, then prices will go up regardless of whether they should really do so given all factors involved including economy-wide trends plus individual product attributes like size and location within town limits etcetera.

The people in this Oakville Southeast neighborhood of St. Louis are some of the wealthiest and most educated you’ll find anywhere around here, which is why they earn such high incomes. This community has a higher income than 75.4% of the neighborhoods in America.

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