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North Blue Ridge

North Blue Ridge is a quiet, peaceful neighborhood in Kansas City that is also very close to Sugar Creek, MO. It’s located away from the hustle and bustles of city life but not too far, where you’ll feel like you are secluded.

North Blue Ridge is a small town with an affordable cost of living. The majority of homes are occupied by both owners and renters, making it the perfect spot for newcomers to start their new life. North Blue Ridge is a small town with an average population. Most people who live in this area own their homes and rent out apartments or other spaces if they don’t have enough room for themselves personally.

The North Blue Ridge neighborhood is a beautiful, historic place. It’s full of charm and character – not to mention that it has some really neat older homes in the mix as well. You’ll find many places here with architectural features dating back to 1939 when these neighborhoods were first developed by locals who wanted something different than what they could see around them. Homes in the North Blue Ridge neighborhood are an eclectic mix. Many houses date back to before World War II, with some being as old or younger than 1939. There also exists a wide range between late 20th-century construction and more modern homes that stand out among this area’s natural beauty like it belongs on display at your local museum instead of hiding behind locked doors where they belong. There’s also plenty here that was built between 1940 – 1969, which has relevance in today’s world where preserving history matters more than ever before.

North Blue Ridge is a great place to live. The median price of homes in this area ($61,988) isn’t as high or low compared with other parts across America – it’s just right for people who want an affordable lifestyle without compromising on quality. In fact, the median real estate price here makes it less expensive than 97%of all U.S neighborhoods and 96% less expensive than neighborhoods around the Kansas and Missouri area. North Blue Ridge is a great place to live if you’re looking for affordable housing. The average rental price here currently stands at $1,091 – which makes it lower than 54% of neighborhoods across Missouri.

Vacant apartments are a major fact of life in North Blue Ridge. The current real estate vacancy rate in this neighborhood is 25%. This is higher than the rates for 90% or more neighborhoods across America.

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