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Mission, which is located in Johnson County. Mission is where the heart of Johnson County intersects with the cool of Kansas City. A genuine, thriving crossroads where locals, businesses, and tourists from all walks of life congregate to enjoy the vibe of the city.

The charming small town of Mission, located near Overland Park, offers simple access to Kansas City and its surrounding areas. The name of the later settlement comes from an Indian mission that was founded in 1829 on the site of the town. The town is now divided into lots, with small houses of various designs situated on big lots. 

As a true Community for all ages, Mission draws residents of all stages of life, whether they are starting or ending their careers, raising families or emptying their nests. This city values diversity and inclusivity and is open to everyone. Here, people value the sense of community that comes from knowing your neighbors, local leaders, and business partners. Mission is a friendly, secure city with a variety of local shops, convenient recreation areas, neighborhood parks, bike paths, and trails. People in this city are proud without being haughty, forward-thinking while remaining grounded in their history, and growing while remaining steadfast in our commitment to change for the betterment of our community and the environment.

The community of Mission believes in blending conventional values with the avant-garde and bringing together a variety of people and perspectives to shape the future, this city was incorporated in 1951, staying true to its mid-century roots. There is something for everyone in Mission.

The majority of residents in Mission rent their homes, giving residents a sense of living in an urban-suburban mix. There are numerous eateries, coffee shops, and parks in Mission. The residents of Mission are mostly young professionals. Mission’s public schools perform above average.

Because there are so many resources nearby, the residents of Mission adore their city. Being able to spend most of the day doing fun things while living in Mission is fantastic. The wonderful parks in Mission make it a great place to live, which is another great reason. It goes without saying that you can see a lot of people exercising on a sunny day, indicating that the neighborhood is very active. There are numerous options for dining and shopping as well. And it’s just a gorgeous, well-kept area.

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