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Meow Wolf: Convergence Station

This Santa Fe-based collective has become renowned for its immersive installations that feel like a contemporary art museum, haunted house, and more. Meow Wolf’s work converges thespian performance with traditional media to create site-specific pieces of theater in which audiences are immersed in different worlds both physically (through light projections) or emotionally via animated characters whose actions mimic those from prerecorded narrative films projected onto screens around them. This is real-time storytelling at its finest.

Meow Wolf’s new venue, Convergence Station, is a “multiverse transit station” that connects four alien worlds as part of their QDOT, or Quantum Department of Transportation. This 90k sq ft space in Denver‘s Sun Valley neighborhood has been designed to attract fans from all walks of life, who will be able to explore its many immersive experiences, including icy Eenia and plant-filled Numina, where novices can enjoy plenty without being overwhelmed by complexity.

Meow Wolf is a Colorado-based immersive art installation that consists of more than 110 artists from all around the state. The project has four floors and challenges visitors to try looking at it without any description or explanation, which can be difficult since its installations are literally impossible to describe with words.

Situated at 1338 1st Street, Denver, Colorado, United States, Meow Wolf is a mecca for art lovers and history buffs. You can find tons of references to local culture, as well as some hints at bigger topics like accessibility issues in this space cathedral with hidden catacombs and passageways that are strewn across the cityscape. There’s also an ice-planet-themed pizza parlor where you’ll be able to leave your vegan cliche orders (though we recommend sticking close).

The Convergence Station is an immense space that can accommodate 488 people. It’s home to the Perplexiplex, where you’ll find Colorado EDM favorites GRiZ and CloZee, as well as English DJ duo AlunaGeorge, performing. There are so many different things going on throughout this station: it’s loud yet bright, labyrinthine without being too confusing or overwhelming-just perfect for all those who love their music extra crispy with some added flavor.

Meow Wolf has a youthful and trendy vibe that makes it an appealing place to visit for visitors from all over the world. The space is filled with colorful furnishings, interactive art pieces like this sloth statue in Numina, or these incredible installations at Kaleidogothic Cathedral, where you can play music on pipes made out of organs.

Get ready for an experience like no other at Convergence Station. They warn that the exhibit features dark spaces, low lighting, and narrow walkways with steep staircases where you might even hear some loud noises or flashing lights to make things more intense.

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