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Loose Park

Loose Park is Kansas City’s top destination for fun in the sun. This popular park offers something to suit every taste, from exciting activities like rollerblading or cycling to more laid-back options like enjoying a picnic on one of its many scenic overlooks.

The great thing about Loose Park in Kansas City is that it has something for everyone. There’s always an option available, from exciting activities such as racing to calming walks along the lake with your friends or family members.

Situated at 5200 Wornall Rd, Kansas City, MO 64112, USA, Loose Park has 75 acres of space to explore, and it’s the perfect place for families looking for ways to have fun in Kansas City area. There are plenty of activities like picnics or games that will keep you busy while also giving your little ones some fresh air outside with their friends.

The perfect cure for a hot day is right here in Loose Park. Of course, you won’t want to visit until you’ve seen this captivating garden center with lots of history. It will leave you feeling refreshed, not only because it’s a cool place, but also thanks to all that history.

Loose Park is a Civil War buff’s dream in Kansas City. The area was used by soldiers to gain an advantage over their enemies, and you can imagine yourself being one of them while walking through this historic park that dates back nearly 100 years ago.

Jacob L. Loose Park is one of Kansas City’s most popular, beautiful, and historical parks that also happens to be well-known locally as being a major site for the Battle at Westport, where Confederate forces were routed by Union soldiers in this area.

The park’s rose garden has been in existence since 1931 and now contains more than 3,000 roses of nearly 130 varieties. This 1.5-acre garden was recently renovated with funding from a $400K renovation project that included planting 1200 new flowers as well as restoring the original plans for this historic landmark.

Loose Park Garden Center is a well-known place for meetings and horticultural exhibitions. The large meeting rooms have small kitchens attached, making them perfect for hosting your next event or just getting some work done between classes at school! There’s also an excellent library open Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm, where you can study up on all things green–from gardening techniques to plant disease prevention methods.

A permit is required for photoshoots or films that will be shot on public property, such as Loose Park. If you are conducting business at an event in the park, though, one special type of permit isn’t necessary.

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