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There’s no better place to take the kids than LEGOLAND. Located within Kansas City’s Crown Center, this amazing indoor park features more than 1 million bricks and an entire replica of our city that is built with them. You can build everything from small cars all the way up to skyscrapers-it doesn’t matter what your age or ability level is, maybe because everyone will enjoy themselves here at least once in their lifetime.

LEGOLAND has a whole bunch of models that are perfect for kids who love traveling around the city. The landmarks include all the major places, like Arrowhead Stadium, Union Station, and more.

Situated at 2475 Grand Blvd, Kansas City, Missouri, LEGOLAND is a great place to take kids who love LEGOs, and there’s always something new happening at this attraction. You can meet with master builders or attend workshops for all skill levels. Plus, you’ll be able to see your favorite LEGO characters come to life in person when they’re on display near the entranceway for photo ops (and maybe even get an autograph).

Imagine a place where children can explore and be entertained simultaneously. Legoland is the perfect destination for kids of all ages, with something to suit every taste! Visitors will enjoy 4D cinema shows that provide an immersive experience, including interactive rides such as Kingdom Quest, where riders “zap” scoundrels who have captured princesses in their grasp, and Merlin’s Apprentice roller coaster, which takes you up into flight mode while also letting loose some emotions on your journey through adventure land. And lastly, there’s Ninjago training camp, providing hours’ worth of physical challenge.

Indulge your child’s imagination at LEGOLAND, where they can explore a world of construction blocks to create their own adventures. Take an entertaining stroll from Country Club Plaza into Union Station and catch the Chiefs game on one wall, or watch live as fireworks light up downtown Kansas City for you! There is more than meets the eye-discover MINILand’s hidden secrets with special workshops designed just for kids.

When you take a trip to LEGOLAND, there’s no better way to spend your time than on the Kingdom Quest ride. You’ll be tested by trolls and skeletons everywhere while trying not to get captured yourself. But don’t worry–you have an expert guide in Merlin who will help save Princess Giselle from her evil captors before sending her off into space with one last spell at a royal magic show.

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