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KiMo Theatre

Paseo del BosqueThe historic KiMo Theatre is a Pueblo Deco picture palace opened on September 19, 1927, by Oreste Bachechi. The entrepreneur from humble beginnings found success in New Mexico and wound up opening this theater near the tracks after coming to America around 1885.

KiMo Theatre is a modern yet traditional theater that has been created with the Southwest Indian culture in mind. The architecture of this fantastic place fuses both old traditions and new trends to give you an experience like no other. With its 650-seat capacity, 21st Century tech amenities for patrons’ enjoyment, including live performances by actors who are just as passionate about their craft when performing here too – not only do they bring us great plays but also keep them close at heart while doing so–this venue indeed does have something special.

The historic KiMo Theatre was designed in a native pueblo style and has since been purchased by the City of Albuquerque. The latest remodeling occurred around 2000, when they did most work to keep up with technological advancements that had come about since its founding nearly 100 years ago.

This historic venue is known for hosting musical performances, and it recently welcomed Lake Street Dive in concert. The Kimo Theatre’s history dates back to when it first started being used as a theatre before transitioning into more of an event space with events such as plays or concerts on the stage inside where you can see actors perform while they’re on stage too.

Audience members will be able to see and hear your favorite play or musical next time it comes through town when you buy Kimo Theatre tickets. The venue is located at 423 Central Avenue Northwest, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87102.

Kimo Theatre offers three levels of seating – the floor, mezzanine level standing room only, and balcony. Concert goers who want seats close to view audience participation should choose aisle views from rows A-N on the orchestra side, which contains forwards facing chairs as well as sides that fold out into tables for dining or socializing while watching your favorite musical act perform live.

The KiMo Theatre is an elegant venue with great views. Rows O-S comprise the mezzanine, while balcony tickets can be found at ticket T-Y as this place has 650 seats which were made accessible to sort through by using Ticket smarter’s interactive seating chart.

The Kimo Theatre is a popular venue for local performances. The schedule consistently sells out, with both established groups and up-and-coming artists filling the stage every week of public appearances there.

Address: 423 Central Avenue Northwest, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Paseo del Bosque
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