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Kentucky Hills

Kentucky Hills is a peaceful neighborhood that’s close to everything. You’ll love being able to use Sugar Creek as your personal playground or head out on foot if you want something more active. Kentucky Hills is a perfect place to call home. It’s located near Sugar Creek and has all the amenities you need.

The Kentucky Hills neighborhood is a quiet area with many older homes. The buildings in this neighborhood tend to be smaller and more compact, giving it an appropriate feel for those who live in the city but want some space around them too. The picturesque neighborhood of Kentucky Hills is home to a number of small homes, some of which were built as early as 1940. The area’s median property value is over around $90k, and most residents own their properties, whereas there are also rentals available in this quaint town which has an old-fashioned feel despite being new on the map.

Kentucky Hills is a quiet neighborhood in the middle of Missouri with an affordable price tag. With more than 65% lower costs for housing compared to other states and countries around us, it’s no wonder people are flocking here. Kentucky Hills is one of the more affordable neighborhoods in MO, with a median price for homes at $145,486 dollars compared to other areas that have higher-priced properties.

In this neighborhood, there are many different kinds of housing options available depending on your income level and what type you’re looking into buying, including apartments too. This neighborhood is one of the more affordable neighborhoods; it’s also less expensive than 68%  of the rest of Missouri and 81% less expensive than the rest of the country. When you’re looking for an area with lower living costs, this may be just what you are searching.

When you’re looking for a great place to call home, it’s important that the costs are within your budget. And with prices like these in Kentucky Hills, however- though they may be higher than some places, you’ll never have any concerns about affordability. The average rental price in Kentucky Hills is $1,190. This lower-priced neighborhood beats out 40% of Missouri neighborhoods when it comes to affordability.

Kentucky Hills is an interesting neighborhood to explore, with its 13.6% vacancy rate making it one of the highest in America! Most homes here are either empty all year or have someone staying over from time-to rent. Scarce family members can find accommodations nearby without having to travel too far a distance for work purposes.

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