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InVINtions, A Creative Winery

InVINtions, A Creative Winery, located in Greenwood Village area, is a locally operated and family-owned business operated by 3rd and 4th-generation Coloradans. With an inviting tasting room that features handmade goods from across our great state as well as craft beer brewed right here at your local breweries or vineyards close to you. It’s invigorating to see these native sons follow in their ancestors’ footsteps with such passion for winemaking.

The InVINitions team is a creative bunch. They’re not just making award-winning wines; they also operate an actual winery where you can come to visit and drink the world’s finest grapes. Whether you’re seeking a glass of chardonnay or merlot, they have something perfect. They use grapes from all over the world, and their wine is low in sulfites, so it’s easy to drink like your favorite European tradition.

They make wines from all around the world, using grapes grown in a climate-controlled facility. Their award-winning team uses techniques that are traditional for Europe – low sulfites and fruit-forward.

InVINions, a Creative Winery, is proud to present its line of wine that is made with grapes from all over the world and contains 1/10th less chemical preservatives than most wines in America. The taste? European tradition at its finest. With nearly 100 flavors available for tasting (including everything open), you can find something perfect no matter what your mood or appetite may be.

Tastes like a dream with InVINctions! You can enjoy the best wines on earth, handcrafted right here at your local winery. They offer glass bottles or flights of various flavors, so you get to try them all before making up your own mind about which one is perfect for YOU – because no two people have identical taste buds anyway. With only 28 limited edition batches per year (48 total), this opportunity will not last long.

This creative winery specializes in custom-branded wine. They have an amazing tasting room where you can enjoy your favorite glass of vino with friends and family at any time. The unique and perfect gift for the holidays or business associates, their label designs will make any occasion memorable – even just because it’s something new to celebrate each day as if there were only 24 hours until tomorrow.

Wine is meant to be enjoyed, not suffered through. Visit InVINctions today and get the most out of your wine tasting experience with custom-labeled bottles for every occasion.

Address: 9608 E Arapahoe Rd, Greenwood Village, CO 80112-3703.

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