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Heritage East

The median real estate price in Heritage East is $458,157, which makes it more expensive than 91.3% of the neighborhoods throughout New Mexico and 71.7 percent across all U.S. The rents in this area are among the most expensive around, with an average cost of $2147 per month. This makes it more costly than 94% of other neighborhoods across New Mexico.

Heritage East, located in Albuquerque, New Mexico, is a great place to call home, with its diverse mix of housing options. Whether you’re looking for large or small houses, there’s something perfect sure to collect your attention. There are single-family homes that range from three bedrooms all the way up to five+ bedroom accommodations. Most of the houses are owner-occupied.

The Heritage East neighborhood is a mix of old and new. Many homes in the area were built between 1970-1999, while others speak more modern architectural styles such as 2000 or later.

There are very few homes for sale in this area, which means you might have trouble finding one with a good deal. The current vacancy rate here is 2%. That’s lower than the average across all neighborhoods nationwide – meaning there isn’t enough housing available to meet demand.

The Heritage East neighborhood stands out as being among the lowest 0.0% of neighborhoods affected by global poverty issues in this country. Heritage East is a great place to live if you want your kids raised in an environment with low crime rates and good public schools. This neighborhood has more family-friendly qualities than 98% of all neighborhoods across New Mexico.

The people who live in the Heritage East neighborhood are some of our most cherished friends and family. With so many children living here, we’re always able to socialize with one another which has helped us develop a strong sense of community; plus, every parent is highly educated. Highly educated executives and urban sophisticates will enjoy the excellent schools in this neighborhood.

Neighborhoods can be divided into groups based on educational levels. This particular Heritage East neighborhood is one of the most educated you’ll find anywhere, with 39%. Highly educated people are more likely to live in neighborhoods with other brainy residents. The average American neighborhood has 12% of adults who have graduate degrees, but the equivalent rate for highly-educated metro areas than can be in 97% of U.S neighborhoods.

The city of heritage has a higher proportion of its residents employed as executives, managers, and professionals than 97.3% in America. In fact, 72.5% here make their living from being an executive or other professional with such high concentrations shaping what this neighborhood is all about.

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