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Hayden Butte Preserve

Hayden Butte is a naturally-occurring landmark that has been preserved for generations to come. The preserve includes trails at various levels, making it easy enough even if you’re not an experienced hiker or outdoor enthusiast.

Hikers can enjoy their time in the forest by exploring all of its different landscapes. From lush greenery to picturesque views, there are so many things for them to see on this trail. The Hayden Butte Preserve has a well-known landmark and hiking trails that will make any outdoor fan happy.

The Hayden Butte Preserve is an excellent spot for nature lovers and outdoorsy folks alike. If you’re looking to get away from it all, this place will provide some peace of mind with its natural beauty.

The hike to Hayden Butte Preserve is a great way to get some fresh air and see how much your community has been through. Hiking offers an opportunity for reflection as well, since it can help you connect with nature in ways that seem harder at home or work, where buildings come up quickly around us instead of down below on our level ground. The path winds its way across several switchbacks before leveling out near the overlook, where there are amazing views all around.

When you first see “A Mountain” (Hayden Butte Preserve), it’s a little mountain right in the middle of downtown Tempe. It has become one of the best things to do before sunset because when everything goes dark and night falls over town, there are no other lights or signs that can be seen from anywhere near this area, making for an amazing experience all on its own.

From the top, Hayden Butte Preserve offers a gorgeous view of both downtown Tempe and Town Lake. The hike is easy, with giant steps for my short legs to make it more challenging than it seems at first. When you get up there under that sky after sunset, the colors are so amazing they’ll take your breath away.

Hayden Butte Preserve, situated at Mill Ave. and 5th St., Tempe, Arizona 85281, is a great place to enjoy views of the city. This hike offers you two options: if it’s just your family, go for a trek up Hayden Bute; otherwise, bring friends or other family members in order to see what they’re made of before making any decision about which route will work best.

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